The Creative Clubhouse

Introducing The Creative Clubhouse!!
We are excited to announce the launch of The Creative Clubhouse!! Janet Trowbridge of Bright Revival and myself have joined forces to bring you the best online DIY group around.

The Creative Clubhouse is a paid membership group for people who love to learn how to make all of those pinterest projects!

This is a 3 month membership and you will be billed each month for 3 months. The clubhouse will only be open for you to join until May 31, 2018. Once the doors close you will not be able to join until it reopens in a few months. This club will replace my virtual paint party but don't worry I will still be painting in the group. .
This is an excellent option for those of you who are not local to us or for those of you who are and just too busy too attend one of our workshops or just looking for something fun to do with your kids over the summer. We are going to have so much fun and look forward to you joining us!

Here are a few benefits of joining the clubhouse:
* We will be making seasonal, holiday, and everyday home décor items
* 3 monthly tutorials either live or pre-recorded video that you can watch anytime.
* Detailed Supply list and or Kits available for all of our projects
* You will learn new skills that can be used in other projects
*Guest tutorials from other guest Creative Entrepreneurs
* Gain access to a private FB group with access to us and other amazing DIYers for community and support, plus ask questions for all of your DIY projects. 
* All of this for only $27.00 a month

What is the subscription? All subscriptions consist of 1 monthly payment billed every 30 days.You can cancel at any time but you will not be able to rejoin until the doors open again in a few months. 
How do I get into The Creative Club FB page? Once You subscribe click this link to join the private FB page

 Just click join and we will add you. If you have issues please email:

What if I can’t watch the videos by the end of the month?

There will be a PDF provided at the end of every month that contains links to all of the trainings done during the month that you will be able to download and save. This way you can watch them whenever is convenient for you even if you are no longer a member.

How Do I Join? If you are excited as we are you can join now by clicking the link below!